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Winter Adventures | Txikon, Moro, and Urubko’s Plans

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As winter adventures gets closer, people in the mountain-climbing community are buzzing with excitement, guessing what famous climbers have in store for their upcoming journeys. In this Winter Preview, let’s take a closer look at what three well-known climbers—Alex Txikon, Simone Moro, and Denis Urubko—are getting ready for as they tackle challenges on some famous peaks.

Alex Txikon’s Exciting Return to Annapurna

Alex Txikon's Exciting Return to Annapurna
Alex Txikon’s Exciting Return to Annapurna

Alex Txikon, a skilled mountain climber from Spain who loves taking on tough challenges, has shared his plans to conquer Annapurna again this winter. Even though he didn’t spill all the details about the route he’ll take, who will be on his team, or the way he’ll climb, Txikon did drop a hint about some sherpas from Seven Summit Treks who joined him in previous successful winter climbs on Manaslu and Everest. It’s interesting to note that Txikon prefers climbing without extra oxygen, making his approach to high-altitude climbing unique and more challenging.

Simone Moro’s Winter Break in the Alps

In a surprising twist, Simone Moro, an experienced climber known for taking on winter challenges in the Himalayas, has decided to skip the icy slopes this season. Instead, he’s planning to explore the central Alps, which is where he lives. This change gives Moro a chance to tackle tough peaks closer to home, adding a new chapter to his impressive climbing career.

Simone Moro's
A Photo of Simone Moro

Denis Urubko’s Mysterious Winter Plans Revealed

The always mysterious Denis Urubko has caught everyone’s attention again with his secret plans for the winter. He’s mixing rock climbing with special training for a journey he hasn’t talked much about. Urubko’s training routine includes running uphill, getting used to the cold, and carrying heavy backpacks. Even though he’s keeping the details of his goal a secret, the varied nature of his training suggests he’s getting ready for a seriously tough challenge that needs him to be in top physical shape.

Urubko’s Past Adventures and Where He Might Go Next

Looking back at Urubko’s successes last winter, where he climbed a new route on Pakistan’s Koshar Gang with friends, there’s a lot of excitement about what he’ll do next. After conquering Gasherbrum I in the summer and attempting a new route on the same peak with his wife Pipi Cardell, it seems likely that Pakistan could be Urubko’s winter destination once again.

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Winter Adventures In Conclusion

As the winter climbing season gets going, the mystery surrounding these climbers and their chosen peaks is growing. With Txikon aiming for Annapurna, Moro taking on alpine challenges closer to home, and Urubko getting ready for another tough climb, it looks like we’re in for an exciting and unpredictable winter in the world of high-altitude mountaineering. Keep an eye out for updates as these climbers set off on their journeys, pushing the limits of what’s possible in the harsh winter landscapes.

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