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Tragic Loss: Masatatsu Abe Passed Away, Age 41.

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Japanese adventurer Masatatsu Abe has been passed away at the age of 41. Masatatsu Abe who worked as a rickshaw driver was known for his upbeat attitude and daring Antarctic expeditions.

In the 2018 2019 season Masatatsu Abe completed a challenging trek to the South Pole covering 918 kilometers over 55 days from the Messner Start point. Despite meeting deep ice that made the journey tough for everyone Masatatsu Abe persevered and ultimately became the last sled explorer to reach the South Pole. While he had initially headed to complete the journey without any external assistance he hesitantly accepted a food drop to help him finish.

Photo: Masatatsu Abe/Facebook
Photo: Masatatsu Abe/Facebook

In 2021 2022 Masatatsu Abe attempted to follow the route of a historic 1911 Japanese expedition led by Nobu Shirase. However his journey was cut short due to time constraints.

Masatatsu Abe had been gearing up for another Antarctic expedition in November of last year. Sadly his plans were halted when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor in August. Tragically he conceded to the illness just a few months later.

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