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Russian Woman Nadezhda Oleneva missing on Dhaulagiri I

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Russian Woman Nadezhda Oleneva missing on Dhaulagiri I
Russian Woman Nadezhda Oleneva missing on Dhaulagiri I

Russian Woman fall in Crevasse on Dhaulagiri 1

Today, a somber incident unfolded on the slopes of Mount Dhaulagiri, involving a Russian Woman climber named Nadezhda Oleneva. She went missing after an unfortunate fall into a crevasse at an altitude exceeding 6,000 meters. The clock read approximately 11:25 am when this heart-wrenching event occurred, and it unfolded as a trio of Russian climbers embarked on the daunting mission to conquer Dhaulagiri, opting for an alpine-style approach without relying on a base camp or Sherpa support.

Informed sources shared that Oleneva’s fall transpired at an elevation of roughly 6,680 meters, leaving her stranded in the treacherous depths of the crevasse. Her fellow climbers, Roman Abildaev and Radom Kashapov, who had ventured beyond the base camp, acted swiftly to report the distressing situation. They revealed that Oleneva had descended approximately 500 meters from their current position, a fact verified by GPS coordinates.

This valiant trio of mountaineers had embarked on their expedition with the audacious goal of reaching the summit of Dhaulagiri while embracing the challenge of an alpine-style ascent without the aid of supplemental oxygen. In light of this distressing turn of events, earnest efforts are now underway to initiate a search and rescue mission, guided by Iswari Poudel, the Managing Director at Himalayan Guides.

It’s noteworthy to mention that another Russian climbing group had chosen an alternate route, aiming to conquer the South West Face of Cho Oyu from the Nepalese side. In contrast, Roman Abildaev’s team remained resolute in their determination to tackle the formidable challenge of Dhaulagiri during the autumn season. This dual expedition was organized to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Russian mountaineering and received official endorsement from the Russian Ministry of Sports, underscoring the adventurous spirit of the climbers and their profound dedication to the rich heritage of mountaineering.

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