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Another Setback on Annapurna

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The Winter Annapurna expedition encountered another significant setback recently. The team had to retreat from Camp 3 due to the disappearance of crucial equipment needed to navigate the route beyond that point. According to Alex Txikon, it seems the gear might have fallen into a crevasse in a complex and challenging terrain, characterized by a set of seracs that could have given way, resulting in a large crack where everything was lost.

On Annapurna. Photo: Alex Txikon
On Annapurna. Photo: Alex Txikon

Just two days ago, the team, led by Txikon, embarked on the ascent to Camp 3 under favorable weather conditions and with an impressive pace. There was optimistic anticipation that, if all went according to plan, they might attempt the summit on Friday. Despite reaching Camp 3 at 6,400 meters as scheduled, they had to make an unexpected descent back to Base Camp on the same day.

Now, the team faces critical decisions. Should they endeavor to retrieve and replace the lost equipment, which includes 2,000 meters of rope, various anchors, and three tents? Or is it time to contemplate abandoning the expedition and returning home?

A Sherpa Recovering Part Of their Gear
A Sherpa Recovering Part Of their Gear

In the aftermath of yesterday’s setback, the atmosphere at Base Camp has become challenging, as expressed by Alex Txikon. The expedition finds itself at a crossroads, grappling with the difficult choice of whether to persevere and overcome the obstacles or acknowledge the challenges and consider a return home.

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