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Helicopter Crash on Monte Rosa Ends Miraculously: Everyone Safe

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A helicopter from Italy being used for rescue missions crashed on the towering Monte Rosa a mountain that stands tall on the border between Italy and Switzerland. Despite the perilous situation everyone aboard the helicopter magically emerged without any injuries.

The helicopter was on its way to provide assistance to a climber who had encountered trouble and fallen into a crevasse on the glacier of Monte Rosa. Unfortunately, during this mission, the helicopter crashed onto the upper part of the glacier, just beneath the Capanna Margherita refuge. This refuge, perched at a staggering altitude of 4,556 meters, holds the distinction of being the highest mountain hut across all of Europe.

Helicopter Crash on Monte Rosa Ends Miraculously: Everyone Safe
Helicopter Crash site on Monte Rosa

One of the passengers, Paolo Pettinaroli, recounted the experience, mentioning that they were hovering at approximately 4,500 meters above sea level on Monte Rosa when they were startled by a sudden, ominous thud. In the blink of an eye, confusion enveloped them as the helicopter succumbed to the forces of the crash, leaving them bewildered amidst the wreckage.

Pettinarolo shared with the Italian newspaper that despite their harrowing experience, the rescuers successfully extricated the climber from the crevasse. Thankfully the climber emerged unharmed and was able to continue his journey alongside his companions relieved to have escaped unharmed from the icy grip of the glacier.

Following the rescue operation a helicopter from Zermatt swooped in to retrieve the exhausted rescuers ferrying them safely down to the valley below. Once on solid ground the weary crew was promptly ushered to the hospital for thorough medical examinations ensuring that they had not sustained any hidden injuries during the daring rescue mission. Fortunately all tests confirmed that they were in good health providing a sense of relief amidst the adrenaline-filled ordeal.

For a visual glimpse of the aftermath, you can view a video capturing the scene of the downed helicopter resting amidst the rugged terrain of the mountain.

Monte Rosa commands the title of the largest mountain massif in the Alps boasting a majestic presence that stretches across the landscape. Its towering summit known as Point Dufour rises to an impressive height of 4,634 meters securing its rank as the second tallest peak in Western Europe surpassed only by the iconic Mont Blanc.

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