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Nepalese Team Scaling a New Peak: Chhopa Bamare 6,000’er

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Nepali climbers recently achieved a remarkable feat by conquering Chhopa Bamare, a formidable mountain towering at 6,109 meters in the Rolwaling region of Nepal. This successful ascent is only the second recorded instance of someone reaching the summit of this particular peak, as documented by The Himalayan Database.

In 2019, the mountain was first conquered by John Patrick Kelley of the U.S. and Benjamin Billet of France. Their ascent, detailed in the American Alpine Journal, involved a challenging climb up the southeast face and the southwest ridge, spanning a gripping four-day journey. While they described the climb as not exceedingly difficult, they emphasized the mountain’s extraordinary beauty.

Despite the climbers’ extensive coverage of their accomplishment across various media platforms and their provision of ample proof of their climb, Nepal’s Department of Tourism had not officially recognized their achievement. This led to the recent Nepali team’s claim of the first “official” ascent of Chhopa Bamare.

Expedition Objectives: Expanding Trekking Opportunities

However, the recent Nepali expedition had broader goals beyond the conquest itself. Organized by Himalayan Eco Treks and Expeditions in collaboration with Dolma Outdoor, the primary objective was to create new trekking routes and attract tourists to less-explored regions of Nepal. The team comprised individuals from the Bigu municipality.

Chhopa Bamare 6,000’er
Chhopa Bamare 6,000’er

Successful Summit and Team Efforts

Under the leadership of Nima Gyalzen from Dolma Outdoor, the team successfully reached the summit after a rigorous eight-day journey starting from their Base Camp. The team members included Phurba Thiley Sherpa, Lila Bahadur Basnet, Lakpa Gelji Sherpa, Bhabindra Khadka, and Sanjeeb Oli, the chairperson of Bigu.

Himalayan Shepherd, a sister company of Dolma Outdoor, highlighted that reaching the peak could be accomplished in just three days, making it an attractive option for trekkers seeking adventure in Nepal’s majestic landscapes.

Situated in the Dolkha district of Rolwaling, the Chhopa Bamare mountain offers awe-inspiring views and is in proximity to Gauri Shankar and the border with Tibet. Its imposing presence can even be spotted from the Tibetan border in Kodari. Often, teams departing from Kodari journey towards Shishapagma and Cho Oyu within Tibet.

From the summit, the Nepali climbers were rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views, including glimpses of Cho Oyu, Everest, and Lhotse, which they captured in a mesmerizing video.

Before their successful conquest of Chhopa Bamare, Nima Gyalzen and his team had previously guided clients to another untouched peak, Jugal V, during the previous fall, further adding to their mountaineering accomplishments.

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