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Anna Wells Triumphs: Winter Munros Challenge Conquered

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Today marked a glorious achievement for Anna Wells as she etched her name in history becoming the first woman ever to conquer the daunting challenge of scaling all 282 Munros in Scotland during the harsh winter conditions. Among the elite few who have accomplished this ACHIEVEMENT she now stands as only the fourth person to do so.

Her journey measured an impressive 83 days starting on December 22nd and crowning on March 13th. Braving the unforgiving elements she energetically ascended each of the Scottish peaks towering above 3,000 feet overcoming snow ice and biting winds along the way.

In a testament to her determination and skill, Anna completed her epic endeavor with seven days to spare before the official end of winter on March 20th. For her final triumph atop Cairngorm Mountain, she was surrounded by the jubilant cheers of 16 close friends who joined her in celebration.

Day 65, Feb. 24 — Southern Cuillin. Photo: Anna Wells
Day 65, Feb. 24 — Southern Cuillin. Photo: Anna Wells

Anna’s accomplishment not only smashed gender barriers but also placed her in respectable company matching the gait set by Martin Moran, who blazed the trail during the winter of 1984-1985. Her remarkable journey serves as an inspiration to all demonstrating the power of perseverance and the thrill of conquering nature’s most formidable challenges.

Pushing Limits: Anna Wells Wanted to Kept

She really wanted to keep up with his pace, but she got sick a week ago and thought she wouldn’t be able to.

“After pushing myself a lot, I got back on track,” she explained. There was a moment last week when she considered waiting because the weather was terrible.

But I couldn’t stand the idea of just sitting around, she said. “So she decided to go out anyway.”

Day 64, Feb. 23 — Aonach Eagach Munros. Photo: Anna Wells
Day 64, Feb. 23 — Aonach Eagach Munros. Photo: Anna Wells

Even last night, despite the heavy winds and rain, she went straight from Ben Starav to Beinn Dearg. She climbed all night while her parents supported her by driving and providing food.

A friend joined her for the midnight climb. They got soaked within an hour and were so wet that when they reached a river, they just walked through it without trying to stay dry. Then they went home for a warm shower and a few hours of sleep before tackling the final climb.

Horrendous weather

Enduring the relentless onslaught of storms stands out as the greatest hurdle for Wells.

“We’ve been hit with so many storms that I had to be strategic in my hill selection. I aimed for ones where I could spend less time up high,” she shared. “But you know what? The challenging weather has added an extra layer of thrill to the journey! I didn’t want a mild, easy winter.”

Despite grappling with occasional injuries and bouts of illness over the past few months, Wells maintained an impressive pace, scaling an average of three Munros each day. As the final stretch approached, she intensified her efforts, pushing herself to conquer between five and eight Munros daily. What’s truly remarkable is that on two occasions, she summited a staggering nine Munros in a single day—a monumental achievement considering the limited daylight hours. Often, she found herself navigating through the darkened landscapes, relying on her skills and determination to press forward.

Wells has primarily relied on her mom’s place as her headquarters for the journey. When her destinations were distant, she bunked with friends. To reach the scattered peaks, she alternated between driving, hiking, and cycling.

During her trek, a mix of friends, family, and avid followers accompanied her through various stages. Notably, Alex Moran, the son of Martin Moran, shared in some segments of her adventure. Additionally, Kevin Woods, a seasoned completer of the challenge, joined her for the inaugural days of her journey.


Source: ExplorersWeb

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