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Famous dead bodies on Mount Everest

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Rising to an astonishing altitude of 29,032 feet, Mount Everest proudly reigns as Earth’s loftiest peak. Yet, behind its breathtaking stature lies a somber moniker: the world’s highest graveyard. This treacherous mountain has claimed the lives of many intrepid climbers, some of whom have found eternal fame as landmarks on Everest, earning the mountain the poignant nickname, the ‘Rainbow Valley.’

The Quest of Mountaineers and the Grim Tally of Lives Lost
Mount Everest remains an irresistible lure for adventurers seeking to conquer its daunting heights. However, the pursuit of glory comes at a steep cost, reflected in a steadily mounting death toll. While recent records of Everest fatalities are meticulously recorded, the mountain’s past is marred by the loss of numerous climbers. An estimate places the death toll at over 300 individuals, with roughly 200 of their bodies forever preserved in the mountain’s unforgiving embrace.

Famous dead bodies on Mount Everest: 9 Frozen Climbers on Everest

Within the icy enigma of Mount Everest, a silent testament to human determination and the relentless force of nature unfolds. As climbers from around the globe embark on the perilous odyssey to conquer the planet’s highest pinnacle, a solemn tribute emerges: famous dead bodies that repose on its formidable slopes.

Green Boots: Tsewang Paljor

Green Boots

Alias: “Green Boots”
Among the enigmatic figures within the pantheon of famous dead bodies on Mount Everest, one stands out: “Green Boots.” Resting on the Northeast Ridge route, Green Boots remains an enduring and eerie emblem of the mountain’s ruthless temperament

In 1996, Tsewang Paljor, an Indian climber, set forth on an expedition to conquer Mount Everest. Regrettably, his journey met a tragic end on the Northeast Ridge. Now, he stands as a haunting milestone for climbers on their summit endeavors.

Sleeping Beauty: Francys Arsentiev

In 1988, Francys and Sergei Arsentiev embarked on an audacious ascent of Everest. Their ambitious pursuit, with Francys aiming to become the first American woman to summit without supplemental oxygen, led them to the peak. Tragically, their descent proved fatal.

During their descent towards Camp 6, the couple became separated. Sergei, in a desperate search for Francys, received news that she couldn’t continue. He retraced his steps to find her, but both lost their lives on the mountain. Francys Arsentiev became known as “Sleeping Beauty,” while Sergei’s body remained undiscovered for a year after his fatal fall.

Rob Hall: 1996 Everest Disaster

Rob Hall: 1996 Everest Disaster

The ill-fated 1996 Mount Everest disaster marked the tragic end of renowned mountaineer Rob Hall. Leading an expedition up the formidable mountain, Hall and fellow climber Doug Hansen fell victim to the merciless forces of nature.

The 2015 film “Everest” vividly recounts the compelling story of Rob Hall, a climber who had carved his name among the world’s most celebrated mountaineers. Accomplishing the extraordinary feat of conquering the Seven Summits Challenge alongside his trusted companion Gary Ball, Hall’s fate took a cruel twist during the ill-fated 1996 Mount Everest expedition.

Leading an ascent in early May, a sequence of unfortunate events unfolded, trapping the team within one of Everest’s ferocious snowstorms. Tragically, Hall and Doug Hansen succumbed to the relentless fury of nature, marking one of the deadliest incidents in Everest’s annals.

Scott Fischer: 1996 Everest Disaster

Scott Fischer

Experienced mountaineer Scott Fischer shared a similar fate in the calamitous storm of 1996. Despite reaching the summit, exhaustion plagued him during the descent.

Recognizing the urgency as the storm bore down upon them, Fischer made the selfless choice to send his expedition team ahead, aware that his deteriorating condition would impede their progress. Tragically, he perished during the relentless storm due to hypothermia and lack of oxygen.

The devastating tempest of 1996 also claimed the life of another esteemed climber, highlighting the indomitable spirit of Scott Fischer. Leading the Mountain Madness group on Everest, Fischer showcased remarkable prowess by summiting. However, exhaustion encumbered him on the descent, culminating in his tragic demise.

George Mallory

George Mallory

George Mallory’s name resonates with Mount Everest. Recognized as one of the revolutionary figures in Everest exploration, he anchored on daring expeditions that left an unforgettable mark on mountaineering. Although he fell short on two previous attempts in 1921 and 1922, he returned with deviating determination in the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition.

Unfortunately, during this fateful expedition, Mallory and Andrew ‘Sandy’ Irvine were last seen departing Camp IV on June 8. His destiny remained shrouded in mystery until 1999 when an expedition stumbled upon his long-lost remains. The question of whether Mallory ever conquered Everest’s summit endures as an enigma.

David Sharp

David Sharp

In 2006, David Sharp embarked on a solo mission to conquer Mount Everest. While the specifics of his ascent remain obscured, it is believed that he achieved the remarkable feat of summiting before meeting his tragic end during the descent.

Sharp’s life met a sorrowful conclusion on Everest’s unforgiving slopes. His lifeless body was discovered alongside the infamous “Green Boots” in a small cave, likely a temporary refuge where Sharp had sought solace or shelter.

Hannelore Schmatz

Hannelore Schmatz

Exhaustion claimed the life of Hannelore Schmatz, famously known as “the German Woman,” on Everest. Climbing alongside her husband Gerhard they separated into different groups to complete their journey. While Hannelore’s group successfully reached the summit, they faced harsh weather conditions on their descent.

Seeking shelter and respite, Hannelore halted with fellow climber Ray Genet. Tragically, Genet did not survive the night. Despite pressing onward in her descent, Hannelore succumbed to exhaustion just 328 feet from Camp IV. In a retrieval attempt in 1984 her body remained elusive forever intertwined with the eternal snows of the mountain.

Shriya Shah-Klorfine

Shriya Shah-Klorfine

The tragic year of 2012 witnessed Shriya Shah-Klorfine becoming one of the twelve climbers who lost their lives on Everest, marking one of the deadliest years since the infamous 1996 disaster. While she successfully reached the summit, her prolonged stay to capture the awe-inspiring moment on camera consumed excessive amounts of precious oxygen.

During her descent, exhaustion took its toll on Shriya, concluding her journey at an altitude of 26,246 feet. Her lifeless body, adorned with the Canadian flag, remained on the mountain for a while, serving as a poignant symbol of her national identity. Eventually, her remains were recovered and brought to Base Camp, bidding farewell to Everest’s treacherous slopes.

Babu Chiri Sherpa

Babu Chiri Sherpa

Babu Chiri Sherpa, a renowned Sherpa mountaineer from Nepal, achieved the remarkable feat of scaling Mount Everest ten times. His accomplishments included world records for spending 21 hours on the summit without oxygen and completing the fastest ascent in 16 hours and 56 minutes

In 2001, Babu Chiri Sherpa embarked on his eleventh Everest expedition with the intent of making another summit attempt. Tragically, on April 29, he met his untimely demise while capturing photographs near Camp II (6,500 meters), falling into a crevasse. His legacy includes not only mountaineering feats but also a commitment to building schools in Nepal, leaving a legacy of courage, philanthropy, and inspiration.

Conclusion: Everest’s Unyielding Majesty

Mount Everest stands as an awe-inspiring testament to both human ambition and the relentless might of nature. Its slopes cradle the remains of adventurers who dared to chase their dreams. The stories of these famous dead bodies on Mount Everest serve as stark reminders of the mountain’s unforgiving nature and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of exploration and adventure. As climbers continue their quest for the summit, the legacy of those who never descended forms a haunting backdrop to their aspirations.

Climber NameElevationNationalityCause of DeathYear
1George Herbert Leigh Mallory8160UKFall1924
2Tsewang Paljor8550IndiaExposure/Frostbite1994
3Hannelore Schmatz8350W GermanyExhaustion1979
4Robert Edwin (Rob) Hall8700New ZealandExposure/Frostbite1996
5Scott Eugene Fischer8400USAExposure/Frostbite1996
6Francys Distefano-Arsentiev8600USAExposure/Frostbite1998
7David W. Sharp8500UKExhaustion2006
8Babu Chiri Sherpa6400NepalCrevasse2001
9Shriya Shah-Klorfine8400CanadaExhaustion2012
Famous Dead Bodies Frozen on Everest

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