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New Route Up Flat Top Peak in Northwest India

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In a remarkable feat of climbing prowess, a group of young Swiss climbers comprising Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin, has successfully pioneered a groundbreaking route up the dizzying north face of a peak nestled within the scenic Kishtwar National Park in northwest India. Named “Flat Top,” this awe-inspiring peak is part of the Brahmmah-I massif, and uniquely, its summit stands out as the solitary level area on this razor-sharp 6,000-foot mountain. Their expedition marks the very first ascent of this vertiginous north face, showcasing the team’s exceptional skill and determination in conquering this challenging terrain.

New Route Up Flat Top Peak in Northwest India
New Route Up Flat Top Peak in Northwest India

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The Epic Ascent of Flat Top Peak by the Tenacious Swiss Trio

For two years, the dream of scaling the formidable Flat Top Peak had consumed their thoughts. In 2022, the determined team, led by Matthias Gribi, made their way to the region, only to be thwarted by permit issues. Undeterred, they redirected their efforts towards the challenging southwest ridge of 6,278m Chomochior. The following year, in September, the team established their Advanced Base Camp on the glacier. Despite facing numerous obstacles, including treacherous ice conditions, rocky terrains, and precarious bivouacs hanging over the void, the climbers persevered. After a failed attempt due to heavy snowfall, they made a triumphant second effort on October 2. With every step, their options for retreat diminished, heightening the stakes. Miraculously, after 14 hours of arduous climbing, they reached the summit slope just before sunset, navigating through uncertainty until the very end. Amidst the enveloping darkness, they achieved their long-sought victory. Descending the west side of the mountain, they aptly named their newly forged 1,400m route “Tomorrow is another day” and classified it as ED, WI4, M6, A2, 5c. This remarkable achievement echoes the spirit of perseverance and passion that drives these intrepid climbers. Looking forward, their sights are set on the nearby KishtwarEiger (6,000m), a challenge they eagerly anticipate in the coming year.

The Inspiring Tale of Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin

Nestled amidst the breathtaking Swiss Alps, a trio of intrepid climbers has forged a remarkable legacy through their love for the mountains. Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin, fueled by an unwavering passion for exploration, have embarked on exhilarating journeys that have captured the hearts of fellow adventurers.

The Inspiring Tale of Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin
The Inspiring Tale of Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin

Matthias Gribi

Renowned for his unyielding determination and bravery, Matthias Gribi has become a true pioneer in the realm of mountaineering. His resolute commitment to conquering the most formidable peaks has earned him respect and admiration. With a keen eye for unexplored routes and an indomitable spirit, Gribi’s climbing endeavors have become inspiring stories etched into the very landscapes he has explored.

Nathan Monard

Gifted with a natural affinity for rock and ice, Nathan Monard possesses an innate connection with the mountains. His climbing abilities, coupled with profound respect for the environment, have propelled him to summits considered insurmountable by many. Monard’s humility and passion serve as guiding lights for aspiring climbers, demonstrating that with unwavering dedication, even the loftiest peaks can be conquered.

Hugo Beguin

Embodied with an adventurous soul, Hugo Beguin epitomizes the spirit of exploration. His insatiable curiosity has led him to the most remote and challenging terrains where he has showcased exceptional climbing skills. Beguin’s bravery and resilience in the face of adversity have opened new doors in the world of mountaineering motivating others to embrace the thrill of climbing and overcome their own obstacles.

Together, this triumphant trio of Swiss climbers has achieved remarkable feats, including the groundbreaking ascent of the daunting north face of Flat Top Peak in India’s Kishtwar National Park. Despite numerous challenges, including permit issues and hazardous conditions, Gribi, Monard, and Beguin displayed extraordinary perseverance, leaving an enduring impact on the climbing community.

Their achievements serve as a testament to the unbreakable human spirit and the limitless possibilities that await those who pursue their passions. As they continue their journey, ascending new summits and venturing into uncharted territories, Matthias Gribi, Nathan Monard, and Hugo Beguin stand as living proof that determination knows no boundaries, and the mountains are beckoning to be explored, one step at a time.

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