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Who Climbed Everest Most Times?

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Record Breaking Climbs

Mount Everest endured two remarkable record breaking summits on Sunday setting new records in the history of mountaineering. These achievements were executed by Kami Rita Sherpa a legendary Nepali climber who set a new world record for the most summits and Kenton Cool is a British climber who held the record for the most summits by a foreigner. Their remarkable achievements not only show their individual nerve but also highlight the ongoing spirit of adventure and persistence in the mountaineering community.

Kami Rita Sherpa

On Sunday Kami Rita Sherpa (Age 54) achieved his 29th summit of Mount Everest extended his own world record for the most summits of the world’s highest mountain. Reaching the 8849 meter (29000 feet) summit at around 07:30 local time (1:45 GMT) Kami Rita once again proven his exceptional persistence and dedication. His climbing career started in 1994 when he first reached the summit and he has returned almost every year since making him a legendary figure in the mountaineering community.

Kami Rita Sherpa
Kami Rita Sherpa

Despite his countless achievements Kami Rita often minimizes the extraordinary nature of his record setting summits viewing his climbs as part of his job as a guide. With over two decades of experience his expertise is unparalleled and he is deeply respected by his fellows. In 2022 he made two ascents in one season to reclaim his record from his long time rival and national Pasang Dawa Sherpa exhibiting his competitive spirit and dedication to maintaining his status.

Before his 29th summit Kami Rita engaged with his followers on social media posting on Instagram from Everest base camp. He announced his attempt for the 29th summit and inspired others with the message One man’s job, another man/woman’s dream. His humble path and dedication continue to inspire both expert climbers and aspiring adventurers around the world.

Kenton Cool

On the same day British mountaineer Kenton Cool reached his 18th summit of Mount Everest setting the record for the most summits by a foreigner climber. Cool who hails from Gloucestershire has established himself as one of the most successful foreign climbers on Everest further glueing his status with this latest achievement. Like Kami Rita Kenton Cool is a skilled mountaineering guide with a deep affection for climbing and a wealth of experience guiding expeditions to the summit of Everest and other peaks.

Kent Cool at K2 Summit.
Kent Cool at K2 Summit.

Despite his impressive record Cool consistently acknowledges the bigger achievements of the Sherpas who play a key role in every successful Everest expedition. In a 2022 interview with AFP he humbly stated “So many of the Sherpas have so many more Summits” highlighting his respect for their expertise and dedication. His acknowledgment of the Sherpas‘ contributions underscores the collaborative nature of mountaineering, where teamwork and mutual respect are essential for success.

Local authorities confirmed that Cool summited Everest on Sunday, adding another remarkable achievement to his already illustrious climbing career. His record not only underscores the significant role that foreign climbers play in the ongoing story of Everest expeditions but also highlights the importance of local Sherpas, who are integral to these achievements.

Climbing Season

Each year the climbing season on Mount Everest is an interesting time that attracts climbers from all over the world. They come to address the challenges of reaching the top of the world’s highest mountain. This season is very carefully organized and strictly managed to keep climbers safe and help them succeed.

Mount Everest’s Climbing Season Kicks Off Hundreds of Climbers Expected

The climbing season on Mount Everest usually starts in April and marches through June which is before the monsoon season when the weather is best for climbing. This year with the season just starting hundreds of climbers are getting ready to reach the summit. The Everest Base Camp is engaged with activity as climbers adjust and get ready for the climb. This time is energetic for getting used to the high altitude and making sure all equipment and supplies are in top shape.

Every season, a lively international crowd gathers at the base camp. Climbers from all over, including experienced veterans and beginners, come together with the same goal of reaching the summit. During these first few weeks, the excitement and preparation build up, setting the scene for the tough journey ahead.

Nepal’s Government Issued Around 400 Permits for the Spring Season (April to June)

Nepal’s government has issued approximately 400 permits for the spring season (April to June) to manage the increasing number of climbers and ensure safety and environmental standards. These permits are crucial for organizing the logistics of climbing by controlling the number of climbers allowed on the mountain at any one time.

Getting a permit involves several steps, such as checking climbing experience and health, and working with local trekking and expedition companies. Issuing permits also brings in a lot of money for Nepal, helping the local economy and supporting the infrastructure needed for these expeditions. Each permit isn’t just for a climber; it covers a whole support team, including Sherpas, guides, and porters, who are all vital for successful climbs.

Approximately 800 People Expected to Attempt the Ascent with Local Guides

Since nearly all climbers are accompanied by local guides, it’s anticipated that about 800 people will attempt the climb this season. These local guides, often experienced Sherpas, are crucial to the climbing experience. They not only offer logistical support but also share their extensive knowledge of the mountain, ensuring the safety and success of their clients.

The importance of Sherpas and local guides cannot be emphasized enough. They carry supplies, set up camps, and secure ropes along the climbing routes, enabling climbers to navigate Everest’s dangerous terrain. Their expertise in high-altitude climbing and their ability to work in extreme conditions are essential for handling the risks of the ascent.

As the climbing season goes on, the base camp will become a busy center of activity, as climbers get ready and start their climbs. With both international climbers and local guides, it’s a special and active place, all working together to reach the summit.

Additional Records

Mount Everest isn’t just a challenge for the most experienced climbers it is also a platform where records are set that show unbelievable human spirit and inference. One of these records is held by Lhakpa Sherpa along with other surprising achievements that show the variety and determination of climbers on the world’s highest peak.

Lhakpa Sherpa

Holds the Record for the Most Climbs by a Woman with 10 Summits as of 2022

Lhakpa Sherpa
Lhakpa Sherpa

Lhakpa Sherpa has made history in mountaineering by setting the new record for the most climbs of Mount Everest by a woman. As of 2022 she has reached the summit of Everest 10 times showing incredible persistency and skill in high altitude climbing.

Professional Background and Achievements

Lhakpa Sherpa born in Nepal started climbing at a young age and has become a role model for female climbers around the world. Her successes show her dedication and passion for mountaineering and her ability to dominate the challenges of the world’s highest peaks.

Contributions to Climbing Community

Her achievements have not only broken barriers for women in mountaineering but have also energetic many to chase their own dreams in the sport. Lhakpa Sherpa’s success reinforces the importance of determination, and the invaluable support of the climbing community.


Climbing Mount Everest is really tough even for experienced climbers. It tests their physical and mental strength because of the unstable weather and risks at high altitudes. But climbers are still drawn to Everest requiring to reach the top and push themselves to their limits.

Last Year Saw Over 600 People Reaching the Peak

Last climbing season more than 600 climbers made summit to the top of the Mount Everest. This shows how resolute and well prepared climbers from all over the world are in reaching their goals on the highest mountain in the world.

Implications of High Traffic

Many climbers reaching the summit show how popular and attractive Everest is for climbers. But more climbers can create congestion on the routes, which affects safety and efficiency.

Climbing Season Dynamics

The large number of successful summits also highlights the strength of climbers adaptation and preparation efforts.
Successful climbs are a evidence to the expertise of local guides and support teams who assist climbers during their journey.

2022 Was One of the Deadliest Seasons with 18 Deaths Recorded:

Unfortunately the same season that spotted multiple successful summits also witnessed suggestive tragedies. In 2022 Mount Everest witnessed one of it’s deadliest seasons with 18 climbers lost their lives during their attempt to reach the summit point.

Challenges and Risks

The casualties emphasize the integral risks of climbing Everest including altitude sickness avalanches and sudden changes in weather conditions.
The challenges of high altitude climbing require careful planning physical fitness and mental strength to
relieve risks and ensure safety.

Lessons Learned and Safety Measures

The disasters of 2022 have caused discussions on safety measures and the importance of proper training and readiness for climbers.
The climbing community and local authorities continue to work together to implement safety protocols and guidelines to minimize risks in future seasons.

Notable Quotes

Mount Everest’s climbing history is affluent with quotes that reflect the rooted motivations and philosophies of its climbers. Among them are memorable quotes from Kami Rita Sherpa and Kenton Cool which summarize their experiences perspectives and respect for the mountain and its people.

Kami Rita Sherpa: “One Man’s Job, Another Man/Woman’s Dream”

Kami Rita Sherpa‘s quote “One man’s job, another man/woman’s dream” earns his sensible approach to climbing Everest. For Kami Rita who has summited Everest an incredible 29 times climbing is more than a personal accomplishment it is a job that supports his livelihood and that of his family. His quote acknowledges the variety of motivations among climbers recognizing that while climbing is his profession for many others it represents a lifelong dream or a significant personal challenge.

Meaning and Perspective

Kami Rita’s quotes reflects his humbleness and commitment to his role as a guide and mountaineer.
It highlights the different viewpoints and motivations that drive climbers to attempt the ascent of Mount Everest.
Impact and Inspiration:

The quote inspires others to reflect on their own motivations for climbing and the diverse reasons that people pursue mountaineering.
It underscores the broader significance of climbing in both personal and professional contexts.

Kenton Cool: Emphasized Sherpas’ Achievements Over His Own

Kenton Cool, a respected British climber with 18 successful ascents of Everest, has consistently emphasized the achievements of Sherpas over his own. In a 2022 interview with AFP, Cool remarked, “So many of the Sherpas have so many more ascents.” This quote reflects his deep respect and admiration for the Sherpa community, who play a vital role in every Everest expedition.

Respect for Sherpa Climbers

Kenton Cool acknowledges the Sherpas‘ superior experience and accomplishments on the mountain.
His quote highlights the collaborative effort between foreign climbers and Sherpas, recognizing their invaluable contributions to successful climbs.

Professional Humility

By minimizing his own achievements and celebrating those of the Sherpas Kenton Cool Shows humility and respect within the climbing community.
His quote serves as a reminder of the shared responsibility and camaraderie that exists among climbers on Mount Everest.

Recent Achievement Details

Kami Rita Sherpa‘s recent achievement on Mount Everest has once again made headlines adding to his remarkable inheritance as a skilled mountaineer and guide. Here are the details around his most recent summit and the release leading up to it.

Kami Rita Sherpa Reached the Summit on Sunday at Around 07:30 Local Time

On a recent Sunday morning Kami Rita Sherpa accomplished an exceptional stunt by reaching the summit of Mount Everest. This marked his 29th successful ascent of the world’s highest mountain further extending his own world record for the most summits.

Time of Achievement

Kami Rita Sherpa reached the 8849 meter (29000 feet) summit at approximately 07:30 local time (1:45 GMT), emphasizing his extraordinary stamina and climbing skills.

Historical Context

Kami Rita‘s climbing career started in 1994 when he first summitted Everest and he has returned almost every year since displaying his commitment and strength.


His 29th summit not only maintains his status as a leading figure in the mountaineering community but also sets a new standard for continuity and commitment.
Last Week He Announced His Attempt for the 29th Summit on Instagram
Prior to his successful summit Kami Rita Sherpa announced his purpose to attempt his 29th summit of Everest through a post on Instagram. This announcement provided a peek into his preparation and mindset leading up to the climb.

Social Media Announcement

Kami Rita engaged with his followers on social media, sharing his upcoming attempt and inspiring others with the message, “One man’s job, another man/woman’s dream.”
Preparation and Motivation:

The announcement highlighted Kami Rita‘s determination and focus as he prepared for another challenging ascent of Everest.
Public Response:

His announcement generated widespread interest and support from the climbing community and followers around the world, who eagerly awaited news of his achievement.

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