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Nepal Himalayan Weather Focus 16th-18th Oct

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Nepal Himalayan Weather Focus 16th-18th Oct
Nepal Himalayan Weather Focus 16th-18th Oct

Nepal Himalayan Weather Updates for Nepal (16 – 21 Oct 2023)

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15th Oct:
On the 15th of October, Nepal can expect generally favorable weather conditions. There will be a few morning broken clouds below approximately 4000 meters, but conditions will improve at higher altitudes. While some broken day clouds may develop up to about 5000 meters, they are expected to clear by night.

16th Oct:
Similar to the previous day, the 16th of October will see largely favorable weather with a few broken clouds below about 4000 meters in the morning. Some thin clouds may appear, but conditions will be better at higher elevations. There is a small-scale Western Disturbance originating from Northwest India and the Western Indian Himalaya that could bring some very high-level thin clouds occasionally above 8000 meters, moving towards Nepal from the west or southwest in the afternoon and night. This might result in brief or short-lived weather disturbances at one or two places in the western regions, mainly in the afternoon to night.

17th-18th Oct:
Due to the influence of a small-scale Western Disturbance from Western India, there will be some high-level thin clouds moving from India towards Nepal. Additionally, there will be broken low-level local clouds, increasing the risk of short weather activities at some places in Nepal, including the Terai plains, on the 17th, particularly at night. These impacts will be more noticeable in the western regions.

19th-21st Oct:
Overall, the 19th to the 21st of October will bring largely favorable weather conditions. Some daytime broken clouds may grow up to about 5000 meters, particularly in the middle mountains. These broken clouds, as mentioned earlier, also imply periods of sunshine.

Due to increasing blow wind influences over higher levels in Nepal, a drop in temperatures is expected across the country. Currently the freezing Point is at about 4500 meters but it is Estimated to decrease to about 4200 meters in the coming days. The freezing level indicates the altitude at which the temperature is 0°C. The temperature at 5000 meters is presently about -04°C and at 6000 meters it is approximately -10°C.

Nepal Himalayan Weather Focus (16th-18th Oct)

From the 16th to the 18th of October, the Nepal Himalayas, particularly the western regions, are likely to experience short, light, or moderate snow showers. This weather phenomenon is attributed to a small-scale Western Disturbance from Western India and its cloud movement towards Nepal and the Nepal Himalayas.

For the most accurate and up-to-date weather information, please consult local weather reports. Take necessary precautions, especially in the western regions of Nepal, where short weather activities are anticipated.

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